Nedobeck Numbers Book - Large

From "One shaggy sheepdog" to "Ten tall giraffes," Nedobeck's illustrations make learning fun! Also included is a special section introducing children to numerical concepts. "Molly knows and feels quite smug, that four quarts fill a one gallon jug!"
8.5" x 11"
If there is one word to describe artist, storyteller, musician, husband and father Don Nedobeck, it would be expressionist. To listen to his name is to hear the sounds of basic keys on a clarinet, Ne-do-beck, and with practice it becomes more fluid. Talking with Nedobeck is like sitting in your most comfortable old worn out chair with a fat, furry feline nestled upon your chest. When Nedobeck’s not using his hands to create art or music, he has his hands in the soil — his real form of meditation. Perhaps that’s where Don Nedobeck’s imagination is planted, tilled, shaped and continues to grow, producing art for the child in all of us. Nedobeck lives in Deland, Florida.