Lakeland Map Wine Stopper

Excellent Lakeland souvenir. Don't let your wine go to waste, cork that bottle and preserve for later all the while prominently displaying your Lakeland Wine Stopper. This utilitarian device is the perfect gift for any wine connoisseur on your list. The flawless blend of utility and elegance, no matter how hard or far the day's travels, the memory of calmer places and times can be enjoyed over a glass wine.  Substantial design with secure FDA approved cork stop.

1.5" Top

3" tall

Chart Metalworks are handcrafted in Maine by jewelry artist Charlotte Leavitt.  A long time sailor, Leavitt discovered inspiration in her collection of nautical charts in her home, launching her line of map jewelry in 2006.  Map images are set in pewter, brass or silver and sealed with resin.