• Chamberlain Barracuda Platter

Chamberlain Barracuda Platter

Chamberlain's fun and functional Barracuda baking platter includes a recipe for Salmon Loaf with Cucumber Dill Sauce. Safe for use in dishwasher and oven. Handmade in Florida. 
 20" x 8" 
Tom Chamberlain got his start with clay back in 1974, when the craft movemant was starting to take off and everyone was in the "hippie" or "back to land" mode. Tom taught himself to throw, glaze, and fire a gas kiln. Perfecting the art/craft of clay over 35 years, Tom and his wife Denise have produced a distinct collection of American stoneware. Each and every pot their Florida studio makes is creative, fun, beautiful, and functional - all in one.