• Cascadia Rice Bowl
  • Cascadia Rice Bowl

Cascadia Rice Bowl

The rice/noodle bowl is a perfect addition to your Cascadia dinnerware.  Comes with a pair of chopsticks. Available in Black Galaxy, Cascadia Blue or Goldstone. Handmade in the USA. Lead-free and safe for use in dishwasher and microwave.
6.25" diameter, holds 3.5 cups
Handmade in USA by Jeff McDougall in Washington state at the foot of the Cascade Mountains and the edge of Puget Sound.  Jeff and his team throw pots on the wheel, slab build platters and some bowls, slip cast and press other designs and finish pieces with Jeff's own hand-mixed glazes.  The stoneware is fired to cone 12 (2,400 degrees), making it durable and more resistant to chipping and scratching than low-fire earthenware pottery.

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